Pine Starter Pack

Complete Assembled National Pine Hive Starter pack

  • Price: € 250-00 to € 280-00


  1. Open Mesh Floor including entrance reducer
    Pine Brood Box with metal runners and a dummy board
    Two (2) pine  Supers with runners / castellated spacers
    Harmless plastic Queen Excluder
    Crown Board with two (2) Porter Bee Escapes
    Metal covered 4" pine roof
    Frames, Foundation, Wax and nails
    Hive is treated with two (2) coats of wood protection
  2. Full Beekeeping suit with fencing hood
  3. Leather beekeeping gloves with gauntlets
  4. Stainless steel smoker with guard
  5. Standard hive tool
  6. Bee Brush
  7. 2 litre Plastic Rapid Bee Feeder

Fully assembled pine starter pack      € 280-00 

Flat pack pine starter pack                 €  250-00


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